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Garrett ATX DeepSeeker Metal Detector
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Garrett ATX Pro DeepSeeker Package Metal Detector
with 10x12" DD Coil, 20x15" Deepseeker Mono Coil

The Garrett ATX Pro is the ultimate adventurer’s detector! Go in any extreme environment, no matter the condition! Waterproof to 10 feet! A smart choice that meets military specifications, while a new DD coil gives you enhanced detection to find tiny gold pieces all the way to larger gold nuggets! Feel the adrenal ine as you treasure hunt with the extreme performance of a detector that will provide top protection on all  targets at the same time. No more switching modes to enhance detection of one target from another! The ATX Pro features the 20” DD search coil and a military-grade Garrett hard case! Features the amazing pulse induction technology, Advanced Ground Balance and Iron check! This machine collapses to less than 20” for storage. Take the ultimate detector with you on your journey today!


Warranty : 2 Year Limited
Waterproof : Up to 10 Feet
Total Weight : 6.9 lbs (3.1 kgs)
Frequency : 730 Pulses Per Second, Adjustable
Frequency Scan : Auto Function for Minimizing RFI Interference
External Waterproof Speaker : Built-in for Option to Search without Headphones
Ground Track with 4 Settings : Choose Setting that Best Handles Rapidly Changing Ground Mineralization
Advanced Ground Balance : Has Wide Range to Ground Balance from Heavily Mineralized Ground (ironstone) to Saltwater without Switching to Special Modes

Factory Included Accessories
Battery Charger
10x12" DD Search Coil
Rechargeable Batteries
AA (Double A) Alkaline Batteries
20x15" Deepseeking Mono Search Coil
Multi-Use Travel and Storage Case with ATX Logo
Custom Detector Sling by Garrett Metal Detectors
Strong, Hard Carrying Case - Garrett Military-Grade
Adjustable Land Headphones with Cushioned Ear Cups
Warranty:  Yes
Detector Type:  All-Terrain
Search Coil:  TypeDouble D
Search Coil Size: (in)10" x 12", 20" x 15"
Search Coil Shape:  Elliptical
Search Coil Build:  Open
Waterproof Search Coil:  Yes
Interchangeable Search Coil:  Yes
Technology:  Pulse
Arm Rest:  Adjustable
Arm Rest Strap:  Yes
Adjustable Shaft:  Yes
Assembled Length Max (in):  68
Assembled Length Min (in):  20
Audio Tones:  Yes
Control Box Mount:  Standard
Frequencies:  Pulse Induction (PI)
Discrimination: Adjustable
Pinpoint Mode:  Yes
Ground Balance:  Automatic Ground Tracking
Search Modes:  3
Search Mode Types:  Motion, Non-Motion, Pinpoint
Volume Control:  Yes
Headphone Jack:  Underwater
Interchangeable Headphones:  Yes
Battery Type:  AA
Battery Quantity:  8
Battery Life (hr):  10 to 15 Hours
Rechargeable System:  Yes
Exclusive Features Advanced Pulse Induction, Advanced Ground Balance, Exclusive Designed DD Search Coil, All-Terrain Use, Waterproof to 10 Feet, Advanced Detection Frequency