But in the event that you are not lucky enough to work with them and will have to cope on your own, then you will need to follow a few recommendations to keep the documentation in the required order.


With documents sorted into folders, everything is quite simple – they need to be packed and marked, and it is better to send especially valuable copies for storage in a bank cell for the duration of the move.

If we are talking about disparate stacks of documents, then you will have to start by putting things in order – sort them according to their purpose, place them in folders, and then pack and label them.

It is impossible to leave documentation for the period of transportation in cabinets. Firstly, their weight increases significantly, and secondly, there is always a risk that papers can get mixed up.

All documentation must be carefully packed – for this, both multilayer cardboard boxes and stretch film are used to protect against moisture.

If your company has a large document flow, it is better to contact a professional transport company – this will save you a lot of time.